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Online Access - Northern Trust Passport

Information for insightful decision-making at your finger-tipsNorthern Trust Passport® is a state-of-the-art, flexible web portal providing accurate data and custom information to enable you to administer or manage your assets more effectively.
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Institutional investors, money managers and consultants alike can access an extensive range of information, analytics, reporting and market news from a single secure, global fully integrated web portal.

More specifically, Passport provides:

Portfolio Data

  • Asset allocation information
  • Market valuations and rates of return
  • Holdings and transaction details
  • Performance analytics
  • Risk and exposure analysis
  • Custom information for money managers

Market Data

  • Market indices
  • Watch lists and quotes
  • Trends and charts
  • Industry and world news

Interactive Tools

  • Data inquiry and custom report building
  • Data downloads and system interfacing
  • Compliance monitoring and market event alerts
  • Transaction initiation
  • Cash management
  • Foreign exchange

Quite simply, whether your needs are sophisticated or straightforward, Passport intuitively delivers the portfolio and market information you need, when you need it.

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