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Information for insightful decision-making at your finger-tipsNorthern Trust Passport® is a state-of-the-art, flexible web portal providing accurate data and custom information to enable you to administer or manage your assets more effectively.
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Institutional investors, money managers and consultants alike can access an extensive range of information, analytics, reporting and market news from a single secure, global fully integrated web portal.

More specifically, Passport provides:

Portfolio Data

  • Asset allocation information
  • Market valuations and rates of return
  • Holdings and transaction details
  • Performance analytics
  • Risk and exposure analysis
  • Custom information for money managers

Market Data

  • Market indices
  • Watch lists and quotes
  • Trends and charts
  • Industry and world news

Interactive Tools

  • Data inquiry and custom report building
  • Data downloads and system interfacing
  • Compliance monitoring and market event alerts
  • Transaction initiation
  • Cash management
  • Foreign exchange

Quite simply, whether your needs are sophisticated or straightforward, Passport intuitively delivers the portfolio and market information you need, when you need it.

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Penelope Biggs
Our Expert
Penelope Biggs
Executive Vice President
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+44 (20) 7982 2200
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Penelope Biggs
Penelope Biggs
Executive Vice President
Based in London, Penelope is head of Northern Trust’s Institutional Investor Group – the business unit dedicated to servicing sophisticated global asset owners.

In this capacity, Penelope manages the bank’s institutional business activities across the EMEA region. Her teams are directly responsible for business development, client servicing, relationship management, marketing, product delivery and strategy for the region - providing sophisticated asset servicing and asset management solutions for sovereign wealth funds, central banks, government agencies, supranationals, insurance companies, corporations and public/private pension institutions. She is also responsible for managing the bank’s offices in the Netherlands, Sweden and Abu Dhabi.

In addition to her role as Head of the Institutional Investor Group, Penelope is head of Northern Trust’s Retirement Solutions Practice, an advisory group dedicated to helping financial institutions navigate the complexities of the global retirement market. She is also on the boards of Northern Trust Global Services, Northern Trust Global Investments and Northern Trust Fund Managers Ireland and is a long-standing member of the bank’s EMEA Executive Committee. Penelope is involved in various charity committees for the Lord Major of London (Olympics and Jubilee events) and has a long-standing nomination from the Financial News Top 100 Women in Finance awards.

Prior to taking up her role as head of the Institutional Investor Group, Penelope was head of global business development. Before that she held the position of Head of Corporate & Institutional Services EMEA and was the General Manager of Northern Trust’s branch in London. She also had responsibility for Northern Trust’s businesses in Luxembourg and Dublin.

Before joining Northern Trust in 1996, Penelope held a variety of sales and relationship management positions at Barclays Global Securities Services, Midland Securities Services and Chase Manhattan.
Phone number  +44 (20) 7982 2200
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